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Nike Athletic Apparel

Athletic apparel has advanced a great deal in recent years. The old cotton T shirt just doesn’t cut it.

In many circles it is known as active wear or sportswear and is clothing worn for sports or physical activities including exercise. Athletic apparel includes sport-specific clothing items such as t-shirts, tennis and polo shirts as well as track suits and shorts or track pants.

Other forms of athletic apparel, or sportswear, fall under the category of specialized garments and these would be items of clothing worn for specific activities. An example of Nike Mens Apparel can be found here. An example would be a wet suit used for swimming, diving and surfing with leotards used for gymnastics and salopettes for skiing also in this category.

Sportswear also includes a complete line of footwear from running shoes and basketball sneakers to walking shoes and cross trainers with everything in-between. The world of athletic apparel also includes sports underwear including jock straps and sports bras. All forms of athletic apparel are made of lightweight materials with a focus on comfort with fit dependent on the specific sport the clothing is being worn for.

Another interesting difference between sportswear and casual clothing is that athletic apparel utilizes high-tech fabrics known to be moisture-wicking.

What this means is they take moisture from an athlete’s skin surface and pulls it to the outer layer of the fabric. This typically keeps the wearer dry while engaged in activities of various intensities.

Let’s take a look at some different men’s and ladies pieces of athletic apparel and find out what makes them so special.

Nike Men’s Long Sleeve Legend Dri Fit Tee

Nike Long sleeved Athletics

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This polyester t-shirt is made with Nike’s Dri-Fit fabric which wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. To view the range of Nike long Sleeve Tops Click Here Nike Men’s Long Sleeve Legend Dri Fit Tee

For added comfort this t-shirt features a classic rib crew-neck with taping at the interior of the neck.

The fit is aided with ergonomic shoulder and side seams along with the chafing preventative of flat-seam construction which is a fancy way of saying you aren’t going to feel the seams regardless of what exercise or other activity you do when wearing this shirt. This tee is durable and is great to wear for a variety of active activities or just to kick around in a casual way.

They are cut a bit on the large size so if you prefer a tighter fit be sure to order a size smaller than you would normally wear. I have one of these and call it my hiking, biking and striking shirt. Guess what I use it for? If you guessed for everything including bowling then you are correct!

Nike Legend Long Sleeve Performance Shirt

When I first saw the word ‘performance’ in the name of this Nike product I immediately thought of durability. Well, I think I’m in the middle of the right territory with that assumption as this shirt is built for a variety of sporting ventures.

The polyester construction includes Nike’s very own Dri-Fit moisture-wicking fabric that makes this wrinkle-free training top one of the best. Add to it a neck tape that is scientifically designed to provide additional durability (what did I tell you?) and comfort. The long sleeve design of this t-shirt means I can wear it on a run when it gets cooler out and still keep my arms relatively warm.

The guy in me says the best part about this product is that if you roll it up it’ll take barely any room next to your shaving kit in your suitcase when travelling. I also like that the colour does not fade and that this shirt looks as new today as the day after I first got it.

Nike Women’s Filament Capri Running Tights

Nike Women's Filament Capri Running Tights

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My occasional running partner is the girl down the hall in Apartment 302. She wears some pretty nice looking ‘athletic apparel’ and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that some of it was designed by guys.

She wears these exact running tights and I can’t keep up with her when she does.For Review of the range of Nike Tights and the Best Price Click here Nike Women’s Filament Capri Running Tights The Filament Capri’s are made of polyester and are basically a three-quarter length tight that has support features.

There’s even a small zip pocket on the back for stashing the apartment key, a couple of bucks or facial tissue.

The tight fit is comfortable she tells me and apparently that reduces the chance of irritation.

All I know is that the fit makes me glad that the view I get of her is when she is usually only a few strides ahead of me.

Okay, she’s faster than that and is always a block ahead of me but she still looks great and says she absolutely loves these tights.

Nike Golf Men’s Flat Front Tech Pants

Nike Golf Pants

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After my local golf club banned jeans, cut-offs, shorts and bathing suits from the course I had to get creative. My first thought was to release a cage of badgers on the fifth fairway but that would have been too mean.

Besides, I love hitting the links with the boys (and odd girl) from work, but I couldn’t see myself doing it in some kind of uncomfortable, poor fitting slacks.For Reveiws and the best price click here Nike Golf Men’s Flat Front Tech Pants

As it turns out, I found these great poly/spandex pants from Nike. They have a button closure with a zipper and are made with the high-tech Dri-Fit moisture-wicking fabric Nike is known for.

These pants are comfy and have enough stretch in them that I don’t feel strangled and they don’t even look like athletic wear. I’ve worn them out casually the odd time because they are really that cool.

They stay wrinkle-free and I find them actually cooler to wear than the jeans they used to let us wear on the course. My game hasn’t improved any, but I don’t think I can blame that on these pants.


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