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About my sporting interests.

My interest in sports and sporting apparel is due my love of sport that has existed for over 40 years now. In my younger years I did my fair share of long distance running, Field Hockey, Surfing and Martial Arts. I managed to reach the giddy heights of being termed competent in my chosen sports, without being outstanding in any.

Nike sport gearThat was fine back then and it is fine right now because I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I participate, do as best I can and have fun at the same time. I believe that the level you wish to reach in your chosen sporting activity is a very personal decision, every individual has differing level of passion and competitive desire to win.

Competing For Personal Bests

Personally I enjoy competing for Personal Bests.

I am competitive by nature but have never had the desire to make sufficient sacrifices or train as hard as for what is required to make it to an elite level in the sporting arena. I have always participated just for the fun of it and trying for personal bests…

The good thing is I am still having fun and I still enjoy new challenges.

Life – Are You Spectator Or A Participant?

Now at age 55, I enjoy being active and experience a great deal of pleasure in playing hockey, bush walking, going to the gym and body surfing.

I spend so much time in front of a computer, that if I didn’t have these activities, I would go stir crazy, and feel emotionally and physically disturbed I am sure!!
When I am participating in fun runs, I get a big kick out of watching the newbies, the first timers.

Next time you are at one of these events watch these men and women cross the finish line. They are certainly a long way behind the regular participants, but they are the real winners. They have set their personal goal and trained up for it.

They have participated and finished.

Their face displays their sheer joy and elation, a wonderful sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their feat of endurance.

They deserve it, as they are making great inroads into turning their life around.

Still Participating

Due to various incidents, such as crashing motorcycles, snow skiing wipe-outs and competing in Judo, I have a few creaks in my back and a few aches, but if I were not active and in particular didn’t go to the gym and work on strengthening my core muscles, I would be in a lot more pain. I am hoping my boys, who both play hockey, will also take up running in the near future. They are still young.
At first, going for a 3 mile then 6 mile Fun Runs, this is something we can do together and its family fun.

They already beat me in hockey, they are faster and more agile, and they also bounce better. Once I get to speed I don’t change direction as readily.

Nike Sporting Gear

We are not going to enter a “which gear is best” debate.
Sporting gear has to be good fit first and foremost and then consider other aspects such as “Do the shoes support you adequately for the shape of your foot” or “does it provide sufficient support for the activity you wish to pursue”.

If you are getting into running or have had a break from running, you need to seriously consider if the old runners in the closet are the best shoes to protect your feet.
Shoes lose their cushioning ability after 300 miles or so. If you run the distance, you need to expect running shoes are consumable items that need to be replaced every few months.
Buy a pair of running shoes before your existing pair wear out so you can rotate the shoes. This will avoid running in brand new shoe shoes that may create wear spots or blisters, until your feet and your new shoes are happy together.

Remember of course it is best not to compete in a brand new pair of shoes. Expensive shoes aren’t going to help you if their shape is not right for the shape of your foot.
All the top brands are making good products. Read peoples reviews in Amazon to gauge whether the product will suit your requirements. The reviews offer a fantastic way of assisting you in your buying decisions. Certainly more accurate than reading some marketing blurb from a manufacturer for sure….


This website has been developed to provide information about Nike sporting gear, including Nike shoes and Nike apparel.

We provide some research on various shoes and apparel, but recommend you do your own research to find which product suits your personal needs. Click on the links on the product pages of this site and you will be taken to the relevant Amazon page that will provide Reviews of the product from people who have purchased and actually used the product.

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Do your research and read the Amazon reviews so you are in the best position to know what suits your needs.
Enjoy your active life.

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