Purchase the Right Nike Running Shoes

Why Purchasing the Right Nike Running Shoes Is Essential.

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For those of us who like to clear our minds and tune our bodies with a nice jog, the choice of which Nike Running shoe is surely the most vital piece of a runner’s puzzle.

After all, a bad match is bound to leave you grumbling and wincing in pain throughout a run. It’s important for us runners to know what to look for in a shoe before making an investment.

After all, it’s not just a purchase for your ability to run, but in your well-being. Poor fitting shoes can lead to serious foot injuries and that can keep you off your feet for a while. Here’s what to look for in a Nike running shoe so you can avoid that fate.

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Speaking as a longtime runner, the first and arguably most important element that I have to keep in mind is my running profile.

In short, it’s a list of the reasons I run. How long do I like to run? Do I train for a certain distance? What surface am I usually running on? Is it time on the treadmill located in the basement or out on the road? All of these questions are vital, and filling them in will help you work out what your choice of shoe will eventually be. Part of the profile is also tracking what sort of injuries occurs with your running shoes. Common issues like plantar fasciitis and shin splints can be easily resolved with the right set of Nike running shoes, so choose wisely. One of the best ways to select what would be the best shoe is to refer to reviews by people who have bought Nike shoes and have run in them.

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Another serious aspect to consider with any shoe you want to purchase is what sort of running style you may have. For example, if you’re someone like me who likes to run heel to toe, a brand that has a more balanced cushioning all over the shoe is best.For folks that like to run a more pigeon-toed style, having a cushion mainly toward the front of the shoe is better since that’s where all of the pressure will be. After all, knowing your body is one of the bigger keys in making sure everything goes smoothly with the shoe you pick.

A good example of knowing your body is often understanding if your feet are flat or you have high arches. After all, that’s going to directly influence the type of shoe you buy. I’ve got arches, so a curved shoe is best for my feet.

Those who have more flat feet need a flatter shoe, of course. Any good shoe store will allow you to take what they call a ‘wet test’, where your foot is moistened and the workers can get a feel for how pronounced your arch is. From there, they’ll be able to ensure that your feet get the best fit possible.

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And when you do make it to the store, there are a few other things you should keep in mind. There are plenty of reasons why this is best, but the biggest is that your feet tend to swell during the day. Read the reviews by other users.

Many customers are advising that it is best to order a 1/2 size larger when order Nike Running Shoes


Nike Women's LunaRacer+ 3

Nike Women’s LunaRacer+ 3

There are other tips to keep in mind when you’re out looking for the next pair of shoes. An obvious one that I never forget is making sure to get my feet measured every time.

It’s well-known that feet change as we age, and if we change shoe styles for a particular need, that’s another thing which will affect the choice of shoe. After all, you wouldn’t run in dress shoes and most jobs don’t allow you to wear a pair of running shoes.

Lastly, being a smart runner means that you’ve always got to be aware of your Nike shoes’ shelf life. In this case, it’s best to throw them away after six months or so. I know full well the cost of a good pair, but once you’ve run around in them for a few months, they can inevitably wear down and become painful to wear.

It’s smarter just to have a set schedule on which to get a new pair, no matter how high-end the shoes are and the name brand of your previous purchase.

Using a shoe odometer is also another smart way to keep track of the shoe’s strength and stability. Once the step count gets too high.

With the combination of these factors, I’ve been able to enjoy a long life as a healthy runner. Here’s hoping you can too.

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